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It can be challenging to seek treatment for addiction due to the stigma or fear of vulnerability.

Even when you have faced that fear, finding a therapist who is trained to treat addiction and, in particular, sex and porn addiction provides another hurdle. Therapists qualified to help people recover from a compulsive sexual behaviour are scarce.

This is where online counselling and therapy can be so helpful – it can give you access to those who are experienced in working in these fields without having to travel great distances. For those working outside of the UK, it also gives access to experts in the field who also fully understand your language and culture.

Therapy can be critical in finding effective recovery from addictions, and finding a person you can relate to, feel comfortable with and who has the expertise you require is essential.

The right therapy can help you to develop unique skills to target your unwanted behaviours or urges, can bring you to an understanding of how and why you have developed these behaviours, and can help to begin to repair the damage that these behaviours – and the hiding of them from your partner – has had on your relationship.

Online therapy can also be enormously helpful to the partners of those with the addiction. The trauma that is experienced by a partner when a compulsive sexual disorder is discovered is very often underestimated by therapists who have not had the appropriate training, and this can further exacerbate the trauma experienced.

If online counselling for the treatment of sex addiction or the trauma of discovery is something that could help you, please contact me to make an initial appointment to discuss your issues and how we could work together online.

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