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Addiction destroys lives – the lives of those who suffer the addiction, and those who are close to them who feel that all they can do is watch as the people that they love lose everything that is important to them.

Addictions can take on many forms. Anything that helps to divert a person from uncomfortable feelings has the potential to become an addiction. This can include excessive use of drink and drugs, or an activity such as sex, pornography, shopping, gambling, internet gaming, even work, exercise and bingeing or restricting food.

For a long time, people can remain in denial about the extent of their reliance on an addictive process and the cost to their well-being. But, even when they decide that they want to address the issue, recovery can be difficult and require expert help. In the initial stages, this help will vary according to the addiction. Those caught up in the compulsive use of drink and drugs may need medical assistance to withdraw from the substance. But, once the use of the substance or behaviour has been arrested, long-term recovery is dependant on developing new ways to handle the feelings that the addiction has helped the sufferer to avoid.

As a therapist with years of experience of working with clients at an addiction treatment centre, I understand not only how difficult it can be to decide to stop using an addictive process, but – more difficult still – to stay stopped. I am also able to help clients deal with psychological issues that may be the result of their addiction, such as depression, low self-esteem or anxiety.

If you feel you have developed an unhealthy reliance on a substance or sexual behaviour and would like help to change, I can help.

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