During the past two years Anita has taken me through a very clear process and therapy path to help me overcome my addiction and to give me tools to handle my recovery with healthy and supportive methods. During the sometimes weekly sessions, Anita has done this with a very high degree of professional attention to detail and amazing levels of kindness and compassion. At critical times her intervention has been truly life changing. We have had to adopt new ways of carrying out our sessions due to COVID 19 and this too has been managed with great deal of sensitivity. In short, my continuing progress and recovery has benefited by her great skill as a therapist and great kindness and understanding, while maintaining a very direct and pragmatic approach. At all times I have felt safe, secure and fully supported.


I quite simply would not have got through the discovery of my partner’s addiction without the expertise and support I received in a course of individual sessions with Anita.  It is a lonely, frightening and traumatic place to find yourself in, but at every turn Anita has made me feel equipped to deal with it all, and to decide for myself how I want to move forward.  I cannot rate her highly enough.


My addiction had been fuelled by lack of trust and the associated fear of intimacy. So I am pleased to have met Anita – someone I have learned can be trusted. This trust has enabled me to be vulnerable like never before, and therefore deeply explore my childhood and current traumas and triggers. I have moved farther in my recovery in the six months working with Anita, than in the past decade with other counsellors.


From the initial meeting, I knew I had found someone that really did understand my problems. Anita got it. Since then it’s been quite a journey. Anita always seemed to have – or help me find – the right tool from the tool box for the issue in front of me at any one time. Anita is professional and forthright, but also caring and supportive on the days I needed that, and has helped me work out what adult decisions I should be making as I step through my recovery from sex addiction, and ensured I learnt that all those choices were, are and will be mine. It is my recovery, and I have come along way, but I would not be where I am without Anita’s support. Highly recommended


Over the past year I’ve been working with Anita, she has supported me through a painful and difficult time, following my wife’s discovery of my addiction. Anita has been fundamental in the progress of my recovery, by helping me gain insights about my unhealthy ways of thinking, and underlying causes and triggers. Anita supported me through disclosure with my wife, which was painful for us both, but we made it through. Anita has also helped me improve my communication with my wife, and also to demonstrate empathy which I’d been struggling with, enabling us to continue working on our relationship. I have found Anita to be knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging, whilst also prompting me to examine my thoughts and behaviours, helping me maintain progress in my recovery.


I cannot recommend Anita enough. I had tried counselling before and thought it wasn’t for me. I now realise that finding the right counsellor makes all the difference. I went to see Anita when I felt I was no longer able to cope with life and my porn addiction had got out of control.  My sessions with her have not only helped me gain an understanding of addictions, habits and patterns, but also given me the tools to break out of my additions and understand myself. As a result, my life has been completely changed for the better. I now feel in control, grounded and confident in all parts of my life and, most importantly, I feel capable of moving forward in my life. My only regret is that I hadn’t found Anita sooner.


I first came into contact with Anita in a professional capacity when I was emotionally at my lowest. I had just found out that my husband was a sex addict and had been so for a very long time. Anita  listened to me ranting, crying and understood my feelings of total disbelief, desperation and despair. She answered some of the questions I asked, she helped me understand why I felt the way I did. She also gave me some insight into the actions of a person with a sex addiction and how it effects partners. We had weekly therapy sessions. I talked a great deal and cried, sometimes laughed. But she listened really, provided me with support using her vast amount of experience. I will be forever grateful.


When I first talked to Anita I had just discovered my husband’s sex addiction. I was traumatised and completely broken. Anita is kind, calm, extremely knowledgeable, and I do not think my marriage would have survived without her support. Anita has guided us through the most challenging time; sex addiction impacts all concerned so very deeply. I will forever be grateful to have found Anita and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Partner of sex addict married for 20 years

Working with Anita over the past year has been essential to my recovery from sex and love addiction. From day one Anita created a space where I felt safe, accepted and seen. Crucial to my feeling safe with Anita was how non-judgemental she is and how she gives more than other therapists I have worked with. I appreciate that Anita shares her reflections without the sense of right or wrong.


As a partner of an addict, I have been working with Anita since discovery. It is hard to even look back on the person that first arrived at her door. A world away from the confidence and insight that I have today. Anita has walked beside and guided me with such compassion and also a wealth of knowledge and experience (something I have found is hard to come by in this area). She has helped me through the trauma of discovery and then further to heal year’s worth of intergenerational behavioural patterns that were blocking my way to positive change. I have and will continue to recommend Anita to all that are thinking of starting a counselling journey. At the risk of sounding cliché, she has helped change my life!


Working with Anita has been enormously helpful in my recovery from the traumatic discovery of my husband’s behaviour. Her compassion has given me a strong sense of safety in the midst of my fear, which has allowed me to find the calm to hear my inner voice. She has listened attentively as I have gone over and over my trauma, accepting and affirming me at a time when I could talk to no one else and was coping with my world falling apart, while needing to hold my family and life together. I have felt genuinely understood and supported, which has helped me to face each day in this difficult new reality. Anita has helped me to reach a good place, where I can continue to learn and grow.


Working with Anita has been a life changer. My world fell apart after the discovery of my husband’s sex addiction, I knew about his alcohol problem, but not about this one. I was in shock, I felt dirty and abused.

Friends and family were full of opinions, judgements and advice. The fact is that no one knew anything about how addiction really works – even less about how it damages the partner. I felt extremely lonely, not knowing at all what to do next because my call of judgement had failed. 

In comes Anita. She simply is a gem, my northern star. Working with Anita has been life changing because without her the light would have just stayed down. She is the one with the expert knowledge and shares it with honesty, respect and clarity. She guided me step by step, back to finding myself, my dignity, my boundaries, my self care, my way back out of the dark.

 If you read this and identify with me, I just hope you call or mail her today. Please don’t postpone. Try it, because it is your ticket to get your life and your self back. And life can become good again, it works.



Very kind, understanding and sympathetic, and at the same time motivating and good at giving hope. As a patient with religious beliefs which are often entangled with a lot of my issues, I have always felt Anita has helped me to work positively with them whilst also helping me with my addiction, issues around abuse and trauma.


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